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Hey, I'm Gio.

My Professional Journey: A Story of Growth and Innovation

Hello, I'm Gio

—and this is my story. It all began in 2013, when I started managing inventory at Sprint Wireless. This role honed my organizational and logistical skills, setting a strong foundation in operational management.

In 2016, my path took a meaningful turn as I joined the Tulpehaking Nature Center and the Catholic Youth Organization as a counselor and tutor. There, I developed my knack for mentorship, helping young minds grow through educational programs and personal guidance.

The following year, I embarked on a digital adventure, creating TheLoveChange. What started as a small project has since blossomed into a thriving community with over 1 million followers. At TheLoveChange, I wear many hats, from content creation to community engagement, each task building upon my expertise in digital marketing and public relations.

2018 marked my entry into the world of retail at Raymour & Flanigan, where I refined my customer service skills and deepened my understanding of sales strategies and operations, enhancing my ability to drive business growth.

By 2020, I was ready to formalize my passion for helping others, becoming a certified life coach. This venture allowed me to merge my professional experiences with personal development strategies, offering tailored coaching sessions that empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Continuing my journey in 2021, I joined Juniper Yoga & Fitness as a front desk administrator. This role complemented my skills in customer engagement and operations management, further enriching my service-oriented career path.

In 2023, I took on a new challenge as a marketing manager for the startup AllInOne Collective. Here, I spearheaded the pre-marketing campaigns and laid the groundwork for the successful launch of their facility, leveraging my accumulated skills in marketing strategy and brand development.

Most recently, in 2024, I ventured into web design with Elevate Wellness Media, where I'm learning to build and optimize websites, a skill that enhances my digital fluency and complements my marketing prowess.

Each step on my path has not only enriched my skill set but also deepened my understanding of various industries from education to digital media, making me a versatile professional equipped to handle diverse challenges. Now, I'm eager to connect, collaborate, and create new success stories. Let's make something great together.

Explore the paths of My Professional Journey

Marketing & Sales Experience

Administrative Experience

Mentoring & Coaching Experience


Mental Health & Wellness Community

  • Tailored TheLoveChange’s branding to resonate with their core audience, enhancing their market presence.

  • Implemented effective SEO and digital marketing tactics, significantly increasing TheLoveChange’s online reach and audience engagement.

  • Produced high-quality, engaging content across platforms, establishing TheLoveChange as a leader in wellness.

  • Conducted targeted social media campaigns, growing a dedicated community and strengthening TheLoveChange’s brand loyalty.


Writer, Speaker, & Marketing Coach

  • Enhanced digital presence and audience reach on Instagram.

  • Developed targeted content strategies to effectively communicate the brand’s message.

  • Ensured consistency in brand messaging across all platforms.

  • Implemented interactive strategies to grow and engage the brand’s community.


Creative Community Center

  • Developed a compelling narrative around the transformation of the historic church into a vibrant creative hub, emphasizing community revitalization and cultural heritage.

  • Enhanced the project's visibility through targeted digital marketing strategies, focusing on local community engagement as well as attracting broader interest in the arts and social impact sectors.

  • Curated a range of multimedia content (blog posts, videos, social media stories) showcasing the renovation process, artist profiles, and community events, thereby building anticipation and ongoing engagement.

  • Managed public relations efforts to generate buzz around the project, including press releases and media outreach, and promoted events to establish the center as a landmark destination in Flatbush.

I am always open for new ways to grow.

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