I am always open for new ways to grow.

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Mental Health & Wellness Community

  • Tailored TheLoveChange’s branding to resonate with their core audience, enhancing their market presence.

  • Implemented effective SEO and digital marketing tactics, significantly increasing TheLoveChange’s online reach and audience engagement.

  • Produced high-quality, engaging content across platforms, establishing TheLoveChange as a leader in wellness.

  • Conducted targeted social media campaigns, growing a dedicated community and strengthening TheLoveChange’s brand loyalty.


Writer, Speaker, & Marketing Coach

  • Enhanced digital presence and audience reach on Instagram.

  • Developed targeted content strategies to effectively communicate the brand’s message.

  • Ensured consistency in brand messaging across all platforms.

  • Implemented interactive strategies to grow and engage the brand’s community.


Creative Community Center

  • Developed a compelling narrative around the transformation of the historic church into a vibrant creative hub, emphasizing community revitalization and cultural heritage.

  • Enhanced the project's visibility through targeted digital marketing strategies, focusing on local community engagement as well as attracting broader interest in the arts and social impact sectors.

  • Curated a range of multimedia content (blog posts, videos, social media stories) showcasing the renovation process, artist profiles, and community events, thereby building anticipation and ongoing engagement.

  • Managed public relations efforts to generate buzz around the project, including press releases and media outreach, and promoted events to establish the center as a landmark destination in Flatbush.

I am always open for new ways to grow.

Let’s Collaborate